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The average cost of a home inspection is usually less than one percent of the purchase price, yet the information received about the visible condition of the structure, roof and mechanical systems, such as the plumbing, heating and electrical can save you considerably more than the price of an inspection.

At Thorough Property Inspection Services, we encourage you to attend the home inspection, follow us throughout the process, and ask questions. No questions are foolish; learn as much as you can from the inspector during the home inspection. At the conclusion of the inspection, we provide you with a comprehensive verbal summary of any findings made and do not leave until all of your questions are answered.

By the next business day, you are provided with an easy to understand detailed written home inspection report (not just a checklist). Additionally, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the report, and we are open to any future property maintenance questions as well.

Finally, we do not offer to repair, for a fee, any defects that may be uncovered. That would be a conflict of interest and may erode confidence you have in the home inspection and its findings. To the contrary, our goal is to empower you while making a knowledgeable buying decision.

Why us?

Mission Statement

The vision of Thorough Property Inspection Services is to perform the highest quality, trend setting property inspections in Southern California. We succeed with integrity by keeping our client’s best interests at the forefront of all we do. Through continuing education, we stay abreast of the newest innovations in the industry and offer our clients the benefits of our perspective in a courteous and respectful manner. Accordingly, we use our passion and training to empower our clients in making a knowledgeable and informed decision about one of the most significant investments of their lives…their home!